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Building Effective Teams

A guide to understanding the dynamics of teams and team building.

Increasingly First Nations communities, organizations and enterprises are realizing the importance and power of workplace teams in problem solving, project management and in achieving goals and objectives.

This highly interactive one-day workshop is designed to give First Nations staff the tools they need to improve the effectiveness and success of workplace teams.  


Participants will learn to understand the importance of individual behaviours of team members; to communicate more effectively with them; to plan and organize for team success; and, to build strategies for coping with team challenges.


This workshop will be helpful for staff, at all levels, who participate on teams and who are looking to improve their understanding of team dynamics and their role in achieving team success. 

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will understand the roles of team members and team leader.  They will understand the behaviour that drive a team, the group norms, how to give feedback to team members and how to solve problems.  They will be better able to: 

  • understand the stages of team development;

  • manage common team dysfunctions;

  • apply team concepts e.g. synergy, consensus, brainstorming;

  • effective communication techniques; and,

  • develop decision-making techniques.


As an added value-added bonus, all workshop participants are provided with up to 3 sessions of personalized follow-up coaching during the first month following the workshop. 


For more information:

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Dates available for Winter/Spring 2019


Ideal for 15 to 20 participants.

Customized to your requirements.

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