Management Skills for New Supervisors and Managers

Available for customized presentation on client site.

Making the transition from co-worker to management

This comprehensive one-day workshop is designed specifically for First Nations staff new to the role of supervisor or manager.  


The management skill set required for working within a First Nations community organization or enterprise is as unique as the communities themselves.  Managing in a close-knit community environment poses many challenges for First Nations supervisors; not the least of which, is the issue of overseeing extended family and community members with whom they are familiar. 


Participants will learn to set boundaries, goals and objectives, manage expectations, manage performance, establish and motivate teams and address general supervision issues.


This workshop will be especially helpful for new or recently promoted supervisors and managers; staff who anticipate moving to a supervisory role in the future; or, current supervisors and managers looking to improve their skills. 

Program Objectives:

Workshop participants will be able to:

  • understand the role of supervisor/manager;

  • plan and prioritize;

  • manage time and effectively delegate;

  • motivate staff; and,

  • create an effective team environment.


Training Outcomes:

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will understand their new role as a supervisor, manager and leader.  They will be better able to manage team dynamics and supervise and manage new staff, former co-workers and individuals with whom they are familiar such as family members.  In addition, All workshop participants are provided with up to 3 sessions of personalized follow-up coaching during the first month following the workshop. 


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Ideal for 20 to 25 participants.

Customized to your requirements.

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