CARS Small Motor Care and Maintenance

ATVs - Snowmobiles - Outboard Motors - Chainsaws 

Practical, personalized hands-on technical training

Workshops designed to provide individuals who depend upon small motors with the skills and confidence to perform the maintenance required to keep their machines running.


The CARS Training Network offers automotive technical and business related training to individual technicians, shops and large companies throughout North America.  Their services include a library of over 600 live and pre-recorded online training courses broadcast to some 5000 sites across Canada and the U.S.   


We have partnered with CARS to develop a series of small motor training programs that are offered presentation, on site, in First Nations communities across Canada.  We have been successfully delivering the CARS Small Motor Care and Maintenance training since 2006.


The ATV, snowmobile and outboard motor training are each offered in a 3-day workshop format while the chainsaw, weed trimmer and lawnmower maintenance training are 1-day workshops.  All participants are provided with comprehensive learner guides and documentation and work in a team environment under the guidance of a CARS instructor.  Participants work on machines and motors provided by community members.

Training Objectives:

Workshop participants will learn to:

  • improve their overall technical competence;

  • understand basic small motor care and maintenance procedures including safety, troubleshooting and basic repair.


Training Outcomes:

Workshop participants will be able to:

  • identify safety issues;

  • identify regular maintenance requirements;

  • perform system maintenance;

  • perform re-checks and warm up;

  • identify areas requiring service, repair or replacement;

  • perform seasonal care and storage; and,

  • understand the operation of two and four stroke small motors.


For more information:

To learn how you can bring small motor maintenance training to your community email us.

Dates available for Spring/Summer 2019


Thank you for your interest in David Lewis Communications Inc.

Up to 20 -25 participants.

Delivered  on-site.


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