Proposal Writing

Available for customized presentation on client site.

A practical, hands-on workshop for First Nations staff.

This highly interactive one-day workshop is designed for First Nations staff responsible for the research, planning, design and development of proposals for community projects and funding.


Capacity development is an important priority for First Nations communities, organizations and enterprises.  Not the least of which, is improving the ability of First Nations staff to manage community-based projects as diverse in nature as are the unique challenges posed by, often remote, locations and limited resources. 


Participants will learn what to include in proposals, how to structure the proposal to meet the funder's requirements; establish realistic timelines, budgets and deliverables; how to assess the level of support and resources that will be required; and how to develop a mechanism to evaluate proposal objectives.


This workshop will be especially helpful for staff new to proposal writing; staff who anticipate assuming proposal writing responsibilities; or, staff with proposal writing experience who are looking to improve their skills. 

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will understand their role as the lead in the development of a proposal.  They will be better able to:

  • respond to Requests for Proposals;

  • understand the the key components of the proposal document;

  • align the objectives of the proposal to the funding organization's requirements; and,

  • use provided templates to create proposals.


As a value-added bonus, all workshop participants are provided with up to 3 sessions of personalized follow-up coaching during the first month following the workshop. 


For more information:

To learn how you can bring a customized version of this workshop to your community email us.

Dates available for Winter/Spring 2019


Ideal for 15 to 20 participants.

Customized to your requirements.

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