Practical Time Management

Available for customized presentation on client site.

Getting more things done in less time.

The nature of the workplace for First Nations staff is such that the demands for efficiency and productivity place great demands on time management.


This very intensive and highly interactive one-day workshop is designed to offer practical tools for better time management for First Nations staff, managers and supervisors.

The ability of staff to manage time has a direct impact on productivity and the quality of work.  Developing effective skills in time management empowers staff to deal with the many conflicting priorities they face day to day.


Workshop participants will learn how to manage their time with proficiency; set priorities, organize activities and achieve goals; optimize their time and enhance their ability to deliver results.


This workshop will be especially helpful for staff who want to make the best use of time; staff who are looking for better ways to handle their workload; and, staff looking to be more productive in their professional life. 

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will apply the processes that will make them more effective while minimizing the issues that impact upon personal productivity and sense of achievement.   They will be better able to:

  • identify habits that are key to good time management;

  • change their thinking about time;

  • prioritize work effectively and be more productive;

  • handle interruptions;

  • develop time management routines and habits that provide payoff; and,

  • overcome procrastination.


As a value-added bonus, all workshop participants are provided with up to 3 sessions of personalized follow-up coaching during the first month following the workshop. 


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Dates available for Winter/Spring 2019


Ideal for 15 to 20 participants.

Customized to your requirements.

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